Ananas comosus 'Pacific Gold'

Common name: Pineapple
Family: Bromeliaceae (Bromeliad)
Distribution: South America
Life form: Bromeliads
Comments: The origin of this species is unclear but examples of this genus occur throughout South America. The common pineapple is a seedless cultigen, probably derived from bird-pollinated seeded species of Paraguay. Selected forms were widely distributed in pre-Columbian times. First known to Europeans from Guadeloupe when Columbus landed in 1493. Introduced to St. Helena in 1505 and Philippines in 1558. They were grown under glass in Great Britain in the early 1700s. They were very fashionable and used as models for garden statuary.


  • 1: bed 20a • Accession: S1994-1962/1 • Provenance: Garden
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