Banksia integrifolia 'Roller Coaster'

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Banksia integrifolia 'Roller Coaster'
Family: Proteaceae (Protea)
Distribution: Australia
Life form: Evergreen shrub/sub-shrub
Comments: A low mounding groundcover to 2.5 m across with bright lemon flowers from summer to mid winter. It prefers well drained soils, full sun to light shade and tolerates most frosts. It is hardy in temperate to subtropical and semi arid climates and is a good choice for coastal sites.


  • 1: bed 128a • Accession: S2017-0053/1 • Provenance: Garden
  • 2: bed 128a • Accession: S2019-0286 • Provenance: Garden
  • 3: • Accession: S2020-0593 • Provenance: Garden
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